Day 25: Felixstowe Library - I just really enjoyed seeing you here today #30days30libraries


Felixstowe Library was home to the children's portion of the Felixstowe book festival today.IMG_1079.JPGThe morning kicked off with the brilliant, Carnegie medal-winning author  Tanya Landman.We were all completely captivated by Tanya.The first question from the audience wasn't so much a question, but a statement of utter admiration and joy. The woman sitting next to me simply said to her, "Tanya, you talk so well, you write so well. I just really enjoyed seeing you here today."Afterwards I explored the display of 'These books are made for walking'. This project involved Year 8 students from Felixstowe Academy making 'walk-in books' - boxes that could include things such as pictures of a setting, characters, key words, interesting sentences and props. These were then given to Year 5 students from Cloneis Junior School who then delved into these 'walk-in books' to write their own stories.IMG_1071IMG_1072Later in the afternoon, I was back for the 'Boy in the Tower' event.I was wowed by this display, complete with blue-glitter studded tin-foil bluchers and a rather stunning blucher throne!IMG_1075.JPGBlucher throne.jpgOne of the organisers told me, "we work with book groups in schools and so we have children coming to today's event who would not usually come to the festival."Afterwards one of them came up to speak to me."I was so excited to meet you today because I want to be an author too," she told me shyly. "I write things ... but I haven't finished anything yet."I told her that I hadn't finished anything when I was her age either.But if she really wanted to do it, never to give up.And one day I might be coming to see her at the festival.