Day 26: Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library - This one's for sharing #30days3olibraries


"This one's for sharing," a mum tells her son and daughter.They sit side by side, leafing through the book in front of them. Taking turns to turn the pages.Their dad's gone to the adult library to look for a novel.Their mum's checking books out on the self service machine.Their grandparents sit quietly beside them.There's the hum of play, noise and chatter from the children's library next door. It's sealed from where they are sitting by a curved wooden wall, with large porthole-like windows.IMG_1090.JPGMoving further from them still, the space expands into an echoey cathedral-like space with a glass, vaulted ceiling.IMG_1082But the children are entranced by the pages.Their family surrounds them, and they read on.IMG_1089.JPG