Day 27: Isleworth Library - Good for other stuff too #30days30libraries


It's day 27 but another library first. In Isleworth, the building the library is in is shared with a leisure centre.IMG_1107.JPGIMG_1105.JPGOne of the leisure centre staff told me that quite often the swimmers used the library but the gym users didn't tend to because they are too "hardcore."What I loved about today's visit was what was happening in the children's library. A group of girls were sitting around a circular table. There weren't enough of the larger chairs for them all and so one of them sat on a little chair.IMG_1101.JPGThey were very busy. I thought that they were another lot of revisers but when I looked at their table I could see that there was something more creative going on."We are making a scrapbook for our friend," they told me. "She's leaving the country and so this is our goodbye present."There were seven of them there, cutting away and sticking; the table was covered with photos of them all together, scrunched-up paper and pens.IMG_1102.JPGI asked them if they had finished their exams and they said they had."We revised in the library because it's quiet. But it's good for other stuff too," they acknowledged.