Day 28: Kew Library - Where he'd rather be #30days30libraries


Tucked between the shops by the station (and looking a lot like a shop itself) you'll find Kew Library.It's the smallest that I've visited, but also felt like the busiest.IMG_1116.JPGThere was barely a patch of carpet left in the children's section (located by the window, at the front.) My nephew plonked himself down in the only remaining plot and we began turning pages. There were so many adults there reading aloud to entranced faces that there was a pleasant hum, layered with voices, all around us.This was also the site where I feel pretty certain my nephew said 'goggles' for the first time.IMG_1111.JPGWhen we'd finished, we passed the book to the child sitting next to us. It was a popular title, so much so that someone had taken a bite out of it.IMG_1114.JPGAs we were leaving, a storytime started up and through the window we saw a boy press his nose against the window, desperate to join in. He had to be lured away by his mother but we were all under no illusions about where he'd rather be.IMG_1115.JPG